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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to many of the common questions we get asked. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any question that you can't find an answer to.

Q. How much do you charge for wedding photography?
A. Each Wedding is an individual event, and each bride and groom are individuals with their own ideas and requirements. We include the same level of service in all our collections, so you only need to select which products you would like. The price you pay will be subject to the products you choose, so you can control how much your photography will cost. We will explain all the options during your initial consultation.

Q. We only want a photographer for 2 hours, will this be cheaper than your all day coverage?
A. You have no doubt looked at other photographers websites who say they "only charge for the time you need them". Sounds good? Consider this. If you are not paying them for their time then they are free to do anything else for the rest of the day, maybe another wedding. Lets say you are getting married at 1pm and only want photos arriving at the ceremony and a few family groups after the service, so you book your photographer for 2 hours; 12:30 - 2:30.

Another couple are getting married only 2 miles down the road at 3:30pm and they want photos arriving at the church and at the reception. The big day comes and everything is going fine, until it starts raining during your ceremony. There is another wedding at your church at 2:00pm so you can't go back in to take photos, so the only other option is to head for the reception venue and hope it stops raining. By the time you get there it is getting close to 2:30 and it's still pouring down. You ask the photographer if they will stay an extra hour. The photographer might be the nicest person in the world and really wants to stay so you have some photos, but either way they are going to be letting someone down on their wedding day, your wedding day. This is why we only photograph one wedding per day, even if you only want a photographer for 2 hours.

Q. If we select Cosmic to photograph our wedding, who will be taking the photographs?
A. In most cases, I will photograph your wedding.

Cosmic does employ associate photographers at peak times to cope with demand. If I am not available for your wedding date, you will be made aware of this prior to meeting with you, and we will arrange a meeting between you and your photographer.

Q. Do you use film or digital cameras?
A. The photographer will decide what format is best for each individual shoot.

Q. How many photos would you take at an average wedding?
A. Unlimited. There is no such thing as an average wedding, but we usually take somewhere between 500-1000 photos.

Q. Will we get to see all 1000 photos?
A. No. Because a wedding is a never-to-be-repeated" event, we take numerous shots of the really important parts, such as signing the register, the exchange of rings, the kiss etc. Also for family groups we take numerous shots to make sure we have 1 where everyone has their eyes open and not pulling funny faces. While you are on your honeymoon we pick the best shot of each group and delete the rest. We usually deliver between 150 - 300 proofs for you to pick your album prints from.

Q. Do you offer a wedding video service?
A. Yes. We have teamed up with one of Shropshire's premier video production companies so you can have both video and still photography if required.

Q. Can we pick a location other than the church and reception venue to have photographs taken?
A. Yes! If none of your chosen venues offer picturesque locations, we recommend going elsewhere. There is no extra charge for this service.

Q. Who chooses the photos that go in our album?
A. You do!

Q. What about black & white pictures?
A. No problem! Just let us know you would like some or all black & white prints. Your album photographs can be either colour, b&w or a mixture of both. There are other print finishes available too, ask for details.

Q. What is this "reportage" that my friends are talking about?
A. Please read our photography styles page for further information. I also recommend you read this article about the scary side of reportage

Q. How far will you travel to photograph a wedding, and are there extra costs involved?
A. Anywhere within the UK! As traditions change from country to country, we stick to what we know. We do not charge extra, regardless of where in the UK your wedding is, unless overnight accommodation will be required.

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