Wedding Photography Styles

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Wedding Photography Styles

Are you confused by the terms for the different styles of photography? Let us explain them for you. The buzz word at the moment is

Reportage Wedding Photography

Read about the scary side of reportage photography here

The portrayal of a story through images. With this style the photographer does little to pose or arrange people

On the upside the photographs are natural and relaxed. On the downside you wont get any group shots with your family, and you probably wont be looking your best.

Now that last statement probably shocked a few people. And you may now be thinking "that's what we hire a professional photographer for, so we look good in our wedding photographs". Well if all the wedding photographer does is walk around clicking the shutter on their camera, prepare to be disappointed with your wedding pictures. Why?

The skill of a professional photographer is not expressed by their knowledge of a camera, it is expressed by their knowledge of people. Any idiot can press a button!

Now if you are a catwalk model with the "perfect" figure & used to being photographed, then a photographers job is easy, and reportage wedding photography will be fine, you will still look good.

But if you are like the other 99% of the population who are not keen on being photographed, and want to avoid seeing your minor imperfections in your photographs, such as double chin, wide hips, big nose, sticking out ears, cellulite.. the list could go on. Does my bum look big in this picture? People are not physically perfect.

And what makes things worse is, a photograph is the capture of a moment. So any minor imperfections you may have, that probably go unnoticed most of the time, can be made to look much worse by an ill timed photo.

So if you and all your wedding party know how to stand so you look slimmer than reality, know how to hide the minor imperfections from the camera, how to look sexy for 14 hours non stop while the world looks on and some idiot points a camera at you, if you can do all that and more, then don't book a pro. Save your money & get "uncle Bob" to take your pictures.

But if you can't do all that, and you want us to arrange it so that you looked sexy and glamorous for 14 hours, without having stiff looking posed photographs, give us a call.

Read about the scary side of reportage photography here

Traditional Wedding Photography

The photographer uses his knowledge and experience to pose & arrange people to make them look at their best. On the upside, you will get group photographs with your family & friends. On the downside, a style conscious bride may think this style a little dated.

Candid Photography

This means a photograph taken without the subject knowing, resulting in very natural expressions that capture the moment.

Photo Journalist Wedding Photography

See reportage

Contemporary Wedding Photography

The definition of contemporary is: existing, occurring, or living at the same time; belonging to the same time of the present time; modern. So contemporary wedding photography means an up-to-date style.

Documentary Wedding Photography

See reportage

Cosmic Wedding Photography

So what is our style. Through experience we have learned that despite many couples saying "we don't want posed photographs, just shoot reportage", guess what they choose for their album?

We always encourage our couples to have some "directed" shots as we call them, because Mom & Dad will expect some traditional pictures. And time after time these same couples who wanted reportage will all but fill their wedding album with photographs we have directed.

100% of all wedding portraits that our clients have hanging on their walls are our directed shots. Why? They look great in them!

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