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Wall Portrait Guide

There are a number of factors to consider when planning a wall portrait, many of which are interlinked. To help you along the way, give your consideration to the following

Who is the portrait of?
Is this a family portrait you are planning? Or an individual portrait to mark a special occasion? The subject of the portrait may be the deciding factor in answering many of the following questions.

The first thing to consider when you are planning to purchase a portrait is location. Have you a place in mind where you intend to hang your portrait? Our advice would be to consider a dining room, an entrance hall or perhaps an open-plan stairway.

Once you have decided upon a location, you can then give consideration to size and style. Your portrait should compliment its surroundings, not dominate them or become lost within them. A rough guide to follow is to take between 2 and 3 fifths of the available wallspace.

Style / Key
When we talk about key we mean the background behind the subjects in the portrait. For many years portraits had a low-key background, something dark such as greys, browns, deep reds or black; very often with a mottled effect pattern.

More recently hi-key has become very popular. Bright white backgrounds with vivid coloured clothing.

Your choice of styling should be determined greatly by the decoration of the room you will hang your portrait in. (a contemporary high-key image would look a little out of place in an Edwardian styled room for example)

The Canvas
What medium your portrait is painted on will again be affected by your rooms decoration, and also your decisions so far regarding style. Please select from the following;

Canvas Wrap.
The canvas is stretched around a wooden  frame so that your image is also showing on the side edges, giving it a 3D look. To add to this 3D effect we suggest using the actual wall covering of your portraits' location as your background. (this is not always possible where there is a patterned wall covering)

Framed Canvas
A timeless medium that can be adapted to match any room and style of decoration. A wide choice of frames are available to compliment your portraits location.

The Box Frame
A beautiful hand crafted moulding available in either black satin or lightwood, with your image floated flush with the frame.
Maximum size 85cm x 33cm

These are the very latest in contemporary portrait display. They look very much like a sheet of Perspex with your portrait printed on it. (suitable for more contemporary styled homes)

Classic Aluminium
It's cool, sleek, and tremendously stylish! The Classic Aluminium Mount gives your photos or artwork a very modern look. Your print will be sealed with a metallic-texture effect laminate and then mounted onto a rigid lightweight aluminium panel. Truly classic!

Silver Brush Aluminium
The Silver Brush Aluminium Mount is a creative medium that works with almost any image. Silver reflects light and accentuates colour. Your portrait is printed onto silver paper, sealed with a special textured laminate and then mounted onto a rigid 3mm aluminium panel to create an authentic metallic look and feel.
Maximum size 100cm x 200cm for all products unless stated

The Look
Finally you need to decide on how you would like to look in your portrait. Give this some careful consideration, your portrait will likely be in your family for many years.

We recommend choosing a look that matches your personality and lifestyle. If you are a jeans & T-shirt person, then a portrait of you in black tie may look odd to your friends.

You can go for formal or casual; inside your home or at a special location; or for an individual portrait, perhaps a lifestyle portrait showing them surrounded by the things they treasure (such as fishing, models, or needlecraft's etc). What is your hobby?

Our Mission:

To create for you a family heirloom. A piece of art that is a far cry from standard portraits.

Our Guarantee:

If you are not completely thrilled with your portrait, we will refund in full all monies paid and cancel your order, no questions asked.

Our offer:

We are offering a select number of new clients the chance to own a masterpiece portrait for FREE! Full details available on request.

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