A stag weekend is one where a group of bachelors get together and celebrate the groom’s last weekend not married. These weekends were developed with the belief that a man’s last weekend as a single person should end in style. If you are getting married soon you may consider this celebration as an option.

Those who look forward to getting married will think of the stag weekend as both a happy and a sad event-bittersweet in other words. They will be celebrating the excitement and change of a new passage in life. Marriage is one that many people look forward to.

Stag weekends can also bring in a person or group of people a feeling of sadness as well. Even good change can make a person feel a little bit down, and often there can be a sense of slight fear and anxiety. No one knows exactly how a marriage will go, and a stag weekend can help a soon-to-be married bachelor and a group of friends relieve that anxiety in style.

There are quite a few stag weekend activities that bachelor groups and soon-to-be husbands can participate in. During the day they can participate in off road racing events, go clay pigeon shooting, or they can go on a bike tour. Other times stag weekends include a day of relaxation on the beach, and various water sport activities.
At night time a group of guys can hit the night clubs to see the half naked ladies, go to a medieval-themed banquet, or dance their tails off. A group of guys could even make a fool out of themselves as they sing their hearts out in a Karaoke bar or other open mic event.

Some of the prime locations for state weekends include Budapest, Krakow, Nottingham, Newcastle, or Leeds. These places and other stag weekend locations often sell entire vacation packages online. Often limo rides, drinks, admission tickets, and hotel accommodations are included all in one package.

Now is the best time to book a stag party for sometime in 2007. You can book it for a date right before your wedding, or you can book it well before your wedding. This is one weekend, however, that should never be booked after your wedding, because it is supposed to be one of the wildest weekends of your life, and something that hopefully will help you be ready for married life.

A stag weekend party is one time when soon-to-be married men can test how much they truly want to be married, and they can say goodbye to their single life in style. These weekends have long been a tradition for those who believe that a one-night bachelor party is not the way to go. Perhaps we can just say that some men prefer and need more time. Whatever the reason for having a stag weekend instead of a one-night party, it is sure to be fun for most.

By John Tarr