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Do you have the room in your home to take family portrait photographs and host a small party for a few friends & family? You'll need a room that is 8ft x 12ft as a minimum for our studio, plus space elsewhere for your guests.

Here's how it works. Get together a group of at least 5 families plus yourselves who would like a portrait photography session. A family could be just a couple, they don't need to have children, just a desire for a portrait. We bring our mobile photography studio to your home which we set up in a separate room. Each family or couple get 15 - 20 mins in the studio, during which time we take any number and variation of photographs such as individuals, couples or family groups etc.

While this is taking place your task is to keep the other families occupied, perhaps with a few nibbles and drinks. Your reward for all your efforts is a percentage of the sales which you can put towards your own portraits.

Themes for Portrait Parties are only limited to your imagination:

Newborn - Teen - Playgroup - Football - -Preschool - Birthday

Scouts - Dance - Valentines - Christmas - Mothers Day

Halloween - Pets etc

Enjoy a free gift just for making an enquiry. All enquiries via our contact form will receive a free computer based filo-fax program worth £20, with address book, diary, notebook and a reminder function for all those important dates, plus other functions too. You will receive an automated response containing a download link, remember to check your junk mail.

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