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The field of pet photography is very specialised, not from a photographic point of view, but because of the type of person needed to make things work. An endless supply of patience and a love of animals are a minimum requirement, but more importantly trust on the part of the subject. Cats and dogs just seem to know who to trust, so the dog liking the photographer may have more impact on the final images than anything else.

Taking a dog away from its home and bringing it to a strange environment such as a photography studio is not conducive for a beautiful pet portrait. For this reason all of our pet portrait sessions are arranged for either in your home, or within other surroundings that the dog is familiar with, such as your local park.

As well as individual photo sessions we also arrange for group sessions, such as for a dog club or a dog show. If enough dogs (and their owners) are attending a meeting or event, there may not be any session fees and you could take your photographs home with you.

If you would like to arrange for our pet photographer to photograph your pet or attend an event you are staging, get in touch and tell us all about it.

If you want a special portrait of your special pet, we’d love to hear from you!

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